Sun rise and another day dawns, which brings fresh ideas to an old way of doing things.  With over 26 years in the Agricultural fertilizer business, we understand the challenges facing a farmer in Southern Africa. We have pioneered new ways to ensure not only ourselves a future but provide the best possible returns for the farmer.


Having a proven track record of reliability and service we pride ourselves to be working with the South African Sugar Industry where we are constantly adapting our systems to accommodate their needs.




At the beginning of each season Nutri-flo provides a free soil sampling service where a soil sample is taken from the fields to be harvested and ultimately fertilized. Samples are send to the South African Sugar Research Institute (SASRI) on behalf of the grower and the analysis paid for by the grower. Once the analysis are done they are returned to the grower with SASRI's recommendations. A Nutri-Flo representative will collate all the information from the grower and compiling for him a programme for his fertilizing schedule. The programme will have calculated the NPK required for each field and will give the grower a cost per hectare applied to the fields to be fertilized.


Blending will take place by a field by field analysis as requested by the grower. The growers have many options open to them; in that they will be able to choose from a range of products that suits their soils. The Nitrogen options are UREA, Ammonium Nitrate or UAN. The potassium options are CMS or potassium chloride. The grower may choose to split the nitrogen at certain times of the year; this practice is highly recommended.


Nutri-flo has seen the need to modernize the fertilizer application methods. In this respect Nutri-flo has introduced a John Deere Pro-Gator with the most sophisticated spray equipment from the USA. The Pro-Gator technically is a golf course machine adapted for our undulating conditions in KZN. It will also have a low impact on soil compaction and very good maneuverability in short row situations.




We monitor the process with a real-time navigational system, which is linked to our internationally developed management software.  Enabling us to record data that can be translated into measurable results. Through this, we provide enhanced field planning, field history and spatial management. Having access to this kind of information, allows us to better calculate our formulation and blending based on the GIS precision analysis and data reporting.

We assess and re-apply these insights into the seasons that follow, pursuing an ongoing, working relationship with farmers and providing the industry with an expert, full service, fertilizer solution.


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